ServicesState of the Art Technology

Dr. Carter is dedicated to providing current up-to-date care, using the latest in proven new technologies for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of your urologic problems including:

ESWL:   Outpatient shockwave treatment of kidney stones.

Laser Technology:   For treatment of enlarged prostate, bladder tumors, stones and other urologic conditions.

Female Urology:   Minimally invasive outpatient procedure for urinary leakage and bladder or rectal prolapse.

Office Cystoscopy:   Procedure using a flexible scope inserted into the urethra and then into the bladder to determine abnormalities in the bladder and lower urinary tract.

Hemorrhoid Treatment:   A non-surgical alternative treatment of internal hemorrhoids. It is a non-invasive procedure performed in the doctor’s office that requires no anesthesia or surgery. Read more

Ultrasound Scanning:   In-office scanning of the prostate without the use of x-rays.

Urodynamic Lab:  In-office computer analysis of bladder and urinary control problems.

Scope of Practice

The practice of Urology includes the medical and surgical treatment of disorders of the urinary system. A urologist is a physician who has been trained to treat disorders of the male and female urinary tract (bladder, ureter, kidney, and urethra) and the male reproductive system. Dr. Carter combines an excellent urologic training background, seasoned experience, and up-to-date expertise in all areas of urologic practice for men, women, and children. The most common urology problems treated are:

  • Urinary Infections
    (Men, Women, and Children)
  • Interstitial Cystitis
    (IC in Women
  • Urinary Incontinence
    (Loss of Bladder Control: Men, Women)
  • Urinary Tract Stones
    (including Kidney, Ureter, and Bladder)
  • Erectile Dysfunction
    (Sexual Problems in Men)
  • BPH in Men
    (Prostate Trouble)
  • Hematuria
    (Blood in Urine)
  • Male Reproductive
    (No Scalpel Vasectomy, Vasectomy Reversal, Male Infertility)
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer of the Urinary Tract
    (Kidney, Bladder, Prostate, Testicle)
  • Pediatric Urinary Problem
    (including bed wetting)